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Sexy content keeps people coming back for more

Make Your Website Content Sexy – Part 1: Tell a Story

Throughout this ‘Make your Website Content Sexy’ series you’ll learn that making your content sexier is less complicated than it may seem. It’s actually a fun little exercise. Stay tuned for Parts 2-4, coming to you over the next few weeks.

Part 1: Tell a Story

We don’t normally think about our written content as being sexy, but I think we should.

Last week I was driving home from a client meeting and I was going over our conversation in my mind. We had been talking about editing her website content and I was suggesting it needed a little something; some pizzazz, some oomph. Trouble was I couldn’t find the right word to describe this something. It was like feeling up a wall in a dark room searching for a light switch you know is there.

Then, I found it.


Nice office

Nice office

We needed to make her content sexier. So of course I pulled over and emailed her our new strategy.

Nothin’ like doin’ business in your car at the side of a dirt road.

Dedication, people.



When you make your website content sexy

  • it’s alluring
  • it’s provocative
  • it captures and holds our attention
  • and ultimately, it makes us feel good

Who wouldn’t want that in their website?!

Sexy content means that who you are, your business values and your passion are clear, and as a result your audience feels a connection to you and your work.

Feeling connected is sexy.

So light the fireplace, pour yourself a glass of wine and listen in.

Tell Your Audience a Story

You can infuse sexiness in your content by telling great stories. Storytelling can create feelings of intimacy and closeness between you and your audience because stories tap into our imagination and emotions.

Storytelling is a method humans have used for eons to create community and build relationships. We are wired for stories so when we use them well we can create community around our businesses.

Your website contains many opportunities for storytelling. Here are some great places to start;

  • Use Your ‘About Us’ Page to Tell Us About Your Business Passion

    Love your business

    Love your business

Passion, even when it’s directed at your work, is sexy.

Business owners who are enthusiastic about their industry can create excitement and buy in from their audience because enthusiasm is contagious.

Chances are you’re in business because you love your industry and want to have a positive impact on peoples’ lives.

Guess what.

THAT is a sexy pursuit!

Sharing the story of your raison d’être with your audience makes them feel like they’re the focus of your passion and that working with you could create a beautiful partnership.

  • A Story-Based Blog Post

A good story makes for a great blog.

Stories may be the result of a lesson learned in the process of running your business. Sharing what you learned is not only generous (because your audience can learn from your mistake) but provides an opportunity for you to be vulnerable. Vulnerability is relatable and it humanizes you and your business, providing another opportunity for your audience to connect with you.

A story-based blog may also be the outcome of meeting someone new who intentionally or unintentionally taught you something or helped you see a challenge from a new perspective.

Show us your evolution.

Either way, when you expose a change in yourself or the way you see or do business, your audience will empathize with you and feel connected to your experience. And when your audience connects with your experience they gain a new understanding of you and your business.

  • Include a Quirky or Interesting Story About Yourself in Your Bio

It’s not always all about business.

Are you a baker

Are you baker?

Playing competitive dodgeball or obsessively baking cupcakes are endearing personality insights that can ultimately make you and your business more likable. Sharing a hobby or interest that doesn’t relate to your work can provide a more complex depiction of your character and help your audience feel they know you.

Character is sexy.

Our hobbies and interests are part of what make us unique and interesting people. When we share these facets of our personality, our audience forms a better understanding of what it would be like to buy from or work with us.

Be judicious with this, though. There is a fine line between quirky and questionable habits.

Tell me a story and I will remember you.

Stories lure people into the world of your business and help them get to know you better. Sharing your passion, a lesson learned, or a fun hobby through story ups your content sexiness factor because they can create stronger, more authentic connections with your audience.

And when your audience feels that connection they’ll come back for more.

People want to feel connected

People want to feel connected

How do you make your content sexy? I’d love to hear your strategies!

Stay tuned for ‘Make Your Website Content Sexy’ Part 2: A Great Sense of Humour is Beyond Funny coming to you next week!

Thanks for reading and good luck gettin’ sexy.